PB & JELI Blog – “The Watson’s Go To Birmingham”

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 PB & JELI Blog Questions Chapter 1-4. Answer to receive prizes!!!


  1. This story takes place 55 years ago! What was happening in America during 1963?
  2. Imagine living in a different area of the United States 55 years ago. What would be some differences between living in the North and living in the South?
  3. Kenneth (Kenny) is the main character. Byron (By) is Kenny’s older brother. Joetta (Joey) is Kenny’s younger sister. Who is the narrator?
  4. I read through the Langston Hughes stuff real quick but that was a mistake. Miss Henry said, “Slow down some Kenneth,” and then she took the book from me and handed it back upside down. She had a great big smile when she told Mr. Alums, “When he goes too fast, this slows him down a bit.” I read some more with the book upside down and got some real strange looks from fifth-graders.” (PAGE 16)Reading a book upside down is an impressive skill! Why do you think the fifth graders gave Kenny strange looks?
  5. “I knew when you had two people who were going to get teased a lot and they were close together people didn’t choose one of them to tease, they picked on both of them, and instead of picking on them the normal amount they picked on them twice as much.”  Is this true in your school? If yes, how could you help your classmates who are teased a lot?
  6. Why do some kids get bullied more than others?
  7. Why does Rufus get mad at Kenny in chapter three?
  8. What did Kenny do after Rufus stopped talking to him? How did Rufus feel? How did Kenny feel?
  9. In chapter 4, Byron stands up to Larry Dunn for Kenny, but Kenny said, “I hated watching this.” (PAGE 42)
  10. Why was Kenny unhappy? 


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