The Lowery Institute Change Agent Tank

The Lowery Institute Change Agent Tank is a social justice completion that seeks to create transformational initiatives for the Common Good.

The Change Agent Tank began as a way to combine the social justice interests of Change Agents with important entrepreneurial training and support to bring their interests into initiatives and movements. The Change Agent Tank started in the Fall Semester of 2015 and after participating in a tough competition, the Institute was able to offer funding for six (6) different presentation groups. These students received the support of the staff to implement their initiatives through the Institute in the AUC and Westside community. We successfully were able to give two of these groups funding and begin important movements within the Institute. These initial initiatives included “Mimi’s Pantry”, our campus food pantry, and “Blacklist”, an on-line social marketing tool.

In 2017, three groups were selected to receive funding from the Lowery Institute: Clark Atlanta University Junior, Jessie Scott, designed the PB& JELI book club; Morehouse College Senior Raphael Richardson launched the Fatherhood Initative to help families affected by incarceration; and Clark Atlanta University graduate Alicia Conner’17 designed the S.P.A.C.E. after-school program to empower students through art.

In 2018, winners of the Change Agent Tank will implement new and dynamic initiatives throughout the 2018-2019 academic year!

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2018 Change Agent Tank

2017 Change Agent Tank Winners


Jessie Scott
Clark Atlanta University

This initiative creates a national book club designed to make reading fun! This program addresses the duplicity of being both black and scholarly. The project makes studying cool while promoting black excellence.

The Fatherhood Initiative
[under development]

Raphael Richardson
Morehouse College

This program seeks to help students and families impacted by incarceration.

[under development]

Alicia Conner
2017 Graduate
Clark Atlanta University

This initiative creates an after-school program teaching teens how to use various art forms to send powerful messages.

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2016 Change Agent Tank Winners

“Mimi’s Pantry”

Malika Flowers
MSW Student
Clark Atlanta University

In response to her own experiences and the experiences she witnessed among many AUC students, Ms. Flowers shared the difficult choices many students make between textbooks, accessories and food. Flowers envisioned the creation of a food pantry on the AUC campus. Mimi’s Pantry represents the combination of Ms. Flower’s vision, and the support and research of the Lowery Institute.


Michael Watson
Morehouse College

This initiative created an online marketing and social media/marketing tool for college students attending the AUC campus