Activism Then & Now: By Tamia Johnson, Clark Atlanta University

The event From Sit-Ins to Hashtags was very informative. It was located at The Center for Human and Civil Rights; there were refreshments and drinks like water and tea available while we were mingling and networking with each other.

We heard from speakers James Woodall and Taos Wynn who are both important figures in advocating for civil rights. This panel of speakers shined a light on modern day civil rights, and what African Americans and everybody needs to do as people in order to advocate for civil rights today and not from the 1950-1960’s; this discussion was important and was well needed. It showed me that although hashtags are effective in gaining the public’s attention, we as Black people still need to act on these issues and not just post about them.

What do you think? Are hashtags a good way raise awareness?

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