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Comments by Tyra Beaman, Change Agent Alumni Class of 2016 –

Tyra Beaman is a graduate of Spelman College, and a Charles Rangel Fellow studying International Affairs at Georgetown University.

This video is sickening, because as we see yet again another man, with money and power, using his privilege to violate a woman without her consent (making an assumption considering he didn’t publicly ASK if he could kiss and fondle her-like he SO publicly and
so comfortably physically exploited her).

While the question of her age is CRUCIAL, my FEAR in our male-dominated, misogynist, and short sighted and non-intersectionally cognizant culture, the question of CONSENT for women and men at ANY and EVERY age will continue to be a secondary/last issue.

And SOBER consent – free of intimidation, manipulation, and the pressure of THOUSANDS of people in a concert hall watching/judging – is what WE should be striving for today and everyday in our society.

#CONSENT #teachyourbrothers #children #sisters #friends#eachoneteachone

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  • DeVante Hudson '15 says:

    Tyra, thank you for allowing us to be constantly reminded of how far we have yet to grow. I say this as a black man; we have devalued women, especially black women far too long. Artistry has been interchanged with immunity in a cultural sense. It is no secret that fame and money has allowed human and ethical violations, as if artistry is a pass for poor character, morals, and values.

    I truly believe that a way forward comes with a honest moment of acceptance and repentance. Men have to be real with other men in our culture and country.

  • Anthony Felder says:

    I agree wholeheartedly! As a black man, I also believe instead of silencing and devaluing the narratives of victims, we should use our privilege to uplift such accounts. It seems as if Black Men are very defensive in addressing sexual violence when often it is not our place to enact in that type of way. More energy, education, and accountability practices centered around the concept of consent need to be implemented. No one should be unclear of consent.

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