Grease Drip’n & Finger Lick’n By: Korea Steger, Clark Atlanta University

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Popeye’s Louisiana Restaurant gives their customers notice that their chicken sandwich has sold out.

Okay sis, lets dig into this Popeye’s chicken sandwich though! What is all this hype? I haven’t had it yet. But from the looks of Instagram and Twitter this sandwich is popping! For starters I don’t think anyone really knew that Popeye’s even had a chicken sandwich. As a matter of fact, the chicken sandwich has been on their menu since the beginning of the year.

Let’s give a thanks to Black Twitter and Black Instagram for hyping this sandwich up and giving Popeye’s some clout. Because, HONEY if it wasn’t for black social media where would that sandwich be today? A special thumb’s down to the Caucasian Popeye’s business men who swear up and down the sandwich sold out because of good advertisement.

There were people who used all this hype for the greater good. Shout out to David Ledbetter, a young man who stood in the Popeye’s line, not for a chicken sandwich but to get people to register to vote! Clearly, he is about his business and the sandwich is the least of his concerns. He deserves 100+ free chicken sandwiches. YOU GO BOY!

To continue on, there were also people who let the hype get out of hand. I didn’t know people were becoming SO violent over this sandwich. According to The Washington Post, a man in Kyle, TX pulled out a gun demanding a sandwich when they were all sold out. My confusion behind that is REAL. They are sold out calm down! It’s unbelievable how out of control some people can get, but for a sandwich? From Popeye’s? No Ma’m!

I’m sad I couldn’t taste the grease drip’n finger lick’n chicken sandwich either, but once they are back in stores I will definitely be all over it.

Amazing or overrated? What do you think about the hype surrounding Popeye’s new chicken sandwich? Should Black Twitter get more recognition for their efforts? How can people in the Black community use viral moments like this to do something good (ex: David Ledbetter and voter registration)?

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  • Kemely blaise says:

    I can’t really say if it’s amazing or overrated as i haven’t tried it but I hope it’s worth the hype. Yes black twitter deserves recognition just like all the other times we’ve gave companies free advertisement.

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