Hard To Forgive; Harder To Forget! By: Ikeba Allen (Poem)

By February 13, 2019 Uncategorized 6 Comments

In honor of Black History Month, this original work has been created by Clark Atlanta Unversity’s own Ikeba Allen

After hundreds of years of lynching, beating, and raping my kind,

You ask why these thoughts won’t slip my mind

I ask you are you dumb or are you just blind

No time can heal all the hatred you hide

We live today as if we are equal

But every chance you get you are killing and shaming my people

We didn’t ask for this

All we want is peace

Stop faking it please I’m asking the least

You hide our history and strip away our culture

And you treat us as if we are the vultures

It is hard to see good in any of you

I am not convinced

Who will pay for all that you did?


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