Learning to Lead: What I learned from my internship with the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus by Ryan Stowers

Ryan Stowers is a student at Clark Atlanta University and interned through the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus in the office of Representative Dewey McClain of District 100 in Georgia

Since I wanted to consider myself a productive student, I was able do just that by volunteering for two internships with the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus and the Joseph & Evelyn Lowery Institute Spring 2018 while a full time student. While being motivated by my mentors on how important time management can be on my schedule, I needed to find ways to improve scheduling my day to day activities.

Through this internship, I have been privileged enough to be taught by the most prominent influential leader of the State of Georgia on tips about how to build up on oneself. It was truly an honor serving Representative Dewey McClain as he has given his time and energy to make someone better than they were before.

“Everyone has only 24 hours in a day, but it’s what you do in those 24 hours that makes a difference.”

-Rep. Dewey McClain

One of the most influential lessons I learned from Representative McClain about time management was that everyone has only 24 hours in a day, but it’s what you do in those 24 hours that makes a difference.

For instance, on Monday’s Wednesday’s and Friday’s, my time management was difficult to arrange around my schedule as I am able to put about 2 hours in each internships while having back to back classes throughout the day.

The skills and messages that I have learned from Representative McClain will continue to make a positive impact for me in the future. I will continue to work on the notable information given to me to help improve some skills such as time management and communication that I was focused on.

During my time as an intern at the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus, I have developed plenty of skills and lessons learned from Representative McClain This experience has enhanced my work ethic and my communication skills. Representative McClain showed me how important communication is in everyday life and in building relationships.

One example of improving my communication skills is by letting others know the day and time they should be expecting me to show up to the office. I have always tried to make it clear when I should be present in the building and when I will be leaving so that others will know when we can meet and review assignments.

A couple other skills that I have been working well on would be my organizing and prioritizing skills. I have been working on both of these skills from many tips I acquired from Representative McClain. I have learned that when prioritizing, it is best to do the most important to least important task in a timely manner instead of completing multiple tasks at the same time that may go unfinished. For example, when I was given a series of tasks recently, I was able to prioritize between documenting all upcoming events on the master calendar and writing down the legislative opinions on an upcoming bill. I was always encouraged by Representative McClain when knowing what it is that he needed done from most important to least important such as getting his schedule for the next day rather than downloading pictures from a recent event to his computer.

Even though I feel I developed some skills that may impact my future, there is one skill that need improvements that can greatly affect my future if I continue to work in this area. The one skill I feel needs improvement on would most definitely be time management.

Representative McClain has been very inspirational to me by giving me key points on what I can do to help strengthen some abilities along with giving me the necessary resources to become a successful man. Now that I have served with Representative McClain, I believe that in the future I will excel at becoming a better person than I was before thanks to District 100.

Ryan Stowers, Intern for Georgia Legislative Black Caucus & The Lowery Institute

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