More Alike Than We Are Different By: Ikeba Allen (poem)

By February 26, 2019 Uncategorized 4 Comments

In honor of Black History Month, this original work has been created by Clark Atlanta Unversity’s own Ikeba Allen

Answer me this, what makes you different from the rest

Is there a heart that beats beneath your chest

Is there a place at night that you like to rest

Do you cry when you’re hurt

Or do you fight through the pain

Do you shield from a storm or do you stand in the rain

If I am not normal, does that make me insane

Is it the color of my skin or the features on my face

Is it about me or is it solely about race

I’d prefer grace instead of hate

Do you know we are more alike than we are different?

Do I speak in vain or do you actually listen

I don’t know if ignorance is love or if love is bliss

But these are some facts you shouldn’t resist

You and me are more alike than we are different

So why don’t we unite and erase this distance

We are more alike than we are different


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