Talking About Civil Rights From Generation to Generation. By Shanice Bryant, Clark Atlanta University

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From Sit-Ins to Hashtags event at the Center for Civil and Human Rights

On February 19, 2020, I attended an event hosted by World Affairs Council of Atlanta in collaboration with CARE, and Young Leaders. When I entered the event, I was amazed by the group of people attending. My expectation was that young, black or brown millennials would fill the space, but I was greeted with many middle-aged white professionals.

The beginning of the event was networking with the participants and others. I enjoyed being able to briefly speak with a few people and explain to them my career goals and personal values related to activism and advocacy. The second part of the event was the discussion featuring James Woodall (Georgia NAACP), Taos Wynn (Millennial Civil Rights) and moderator Chase Stell. The conversation revolved around the history of civil/human rights and how it relates to the activism in modern society. Throughout the conversation, there was mention of religion, the role of women, intersectionality and the impact of oppressive systems on marginalized communities.

Question: Are you willing and able to discuss the civil rights movement, along with activism of today, with people from a different generation and a different race than you? Are there any challenges in these talks?

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