Is College Really A Scam? By: Kemely Blaise

By September 25, 2019 Voices of Change 3 Comments

Is college really not for everybody or is society just telling you this to distract you from reaching your goals?

Lately, I’ve been thinking back to several conversations I had recently with different associates of mine and with the recent college test scandal in Hollywood, the theme “college being a scam” seems to come up all to often. It is their justification for choosing any other path over college

Beyonce. Steve Jobs. Jay-Z. Kylie Jenner. They all have their stories of bypassing a college degree and still coming into a great amount of wealth and success. But that’s not the case for everyone. Although, I strongly believe in the saying “to each their own”, my question today is, why does this generation thrive on the belief of success that a college degree is not of value?

I believe that whether it is through the entertainment industry, art or even entrepreneurship, a college education has value. Some of their arguments include the amount of student loans needed or just the uncertainty of actually moving up the economic ladder after graduating. But, in reality, many entrepreneurs and artists run into the same financial risk and feelings of uncertainty on their journey to success; so are those really valid reasons?

Personally, I just think too many people have come to fantasize about the lives of celebrities based on what’s being showcased on social media. Consequently, they believe if they follow their faves’ footsteps, they too will gain unprecedented monetary gain and reach that same level of success. I’m certainly not saying it’s impossible, but I totally believe many today are being misconstrued about the vast opportunities and positions a college education may offer. Take Megan Thee Stallion for an example a rapper and a college student best of both worlds. Moral of today’s post is for this generation to go back to realizing the value of a college degree. If you want to be the next Beyoncé, it’s perfectly fine, but don’t cancel all your other options for the wrong reasons. I don’t think college is a scam but I do feel like anyone can make the most of learning and growing in college, no matter what your career.

What do you think- is a college education important for everyone? Does getting a degree depend on the type of career you want? If you plan to be famous, do you still need education?


  • Jahi Flowers says:

    As a psychology major, I often ask myself this question everyday. But there are still days when I eagerly sit through my major courses and ask myself about the opportunities that are available to me if I obtain a college degree. However, I do not think a college degree is necessary for everyone because life is fluid and there are many different paths to the same destination.

  • Korea says:

    I completely agree with this. When I get on social media I see so many people say “college is a scam that’s why I didn’t go” . I even had someone tell me “drop out and be your own boss”. Not everyone has the dream of owning their own business or being self employed. But this generation now look at others who “blew up” off of clothing lines, or selling hair and feel like it’s going to be just that easy! I truly believe education is needed because even to get a decent paying job now in days they want to see that degree. Great blog!

  • I’ve been battling with the ideas of this for so long, I truly feel that college can be a scam, but we have to work equally as hard to assure that we gain the experience, exposure, and network to be successful in your following endeavors.

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