Can You be Vegan in the AUC? Aaliyah Price, Spelman College

By November 13, 2019 Voices of Change 2 Comments

Vegan has become a popular eating lifestyle recently, but it is more than just “eating healthy.” There is a social movement behind it. Some folks hear the word vegan and don’t actually know what it is. Let’s break it alllllll the way down!

Veganism vs. Vegetarian.

For starters let’s go ahead and clear up the assumptions about veganism being the same thing as vegetarian. Although they are similar, they are 2 completely different concepts. So, what is veganism? Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet. Animal products include anywhere from dairy to animal seafood. Interestingly enough the start of Veganism came from the “PITA” movement in efforts to save the many animals which some were and are going extinct. Although the concept of veganism has been around for centuries it just started to take off and become more popular, but this time more of the health benefits vs the environmental impacts. Now that the term veganism has been descried let’s move on to what exactly is the practice of vegetarian lifestyle is consists of. Vegetarian is simply the practice of abstaining from the consumption of meat, but things like dairy and such is still incorporated into the diet. So, although both diets don’t include meat which can make them similar, the vegan practice doesn’t include any animal products at all wile vegetarian allows the consumption of animal products such as dairy.

What are the benefits of going vegan?

Now let’s be honest…. We’ve all heard that going vegan can help us get one step closer to getting our snatched bodies, but it also helps us with healing our bodies from the inside out as well has saving the environment. There are endless pros of practicing veganism which many don’t know about. For example, going vegan can lower your blood sugar up to 11 points and improve kidney function, it may protect us from certain cancers, lowers the risk of diabetes by almost 23%, help reduce pain in our joints, and of course along with many other things lose excess weight. Due to this concept becoming more popular over the last few years many people just see it has a “trend” or “the new wave” everyone is on without doing the needed research to become educated on veganism. Along with it helping heal the body from the inside out it also is helping save our environment bit by bit. Veganism is conserving water, cleaning the soil, reduces consumption, and even purifies the air. The environment follows our footsteps. The cleaner we eat the cleaner the environment around us becomes.

Vegan food options near the AUC:

Let’s talk the GOOD STUFF! There are plenty of food options for our peers who are practicing veganism, which many are located right here in the west end. We have many gems in our reach that many don’t even know about and the good part about them are majority are black owned business! Check out just a few of the vegan restaurants that we have around us near the AUC:

-Local Green – Healthful Essence

– Slutty Vegan – Vegan Dream Doughnuts

– Tassili’s Raw Reality – Soul Vegetarian

Maybe going vegan isn’t such a bad thing, huh?

Did you know that we had so many vegan restaurants near the AUC? Would you consider going Vegan short term or long term? If so, how long do you think you can go without meat and animal products?


  • London Johnson says:

    I personally attempted to go vegan prior to coming to the AUC freshman year and once I got here, I felt like it was nearly impossible. Now as a junior, I realize it is not impossible but it is certainly difficult and requires a lot of discipline. One thing that would be more helpful is having sufficient options on campus that do not cost students any money out of pocket.

  • Anthony Felder says:

    Local Green is actually an amazing inclusion on your list!

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