Could Someone Be Gay & Afrocentric? John Washington, Morehouse College

Is this still being debated? Hoteps, such as an Umar Johnson would debate against such an idea, however is he a true hotep or is he fulfilling a stereotype? Hoteps are known to be shea butter using, daishiki-wearing, and dread headed. They commonly preach that white people are the devil and everything white people invented is evil. Some within the community believe that homosexuality is a plague that the white man gave to Africans. This is a fallacy. The joke’s on them that you can be both Afrocentric and gay.

To fully understand this question we have to look into the meaning of the words Afrocentric/Hotep. Most people, even African-Americans, do not know the true meaning of Afrocentric or Hoteps, they only understand the stereotypes about them. If we look at the world “Afro-Centric”; Afro means anything of African descent or Origins, and Centric means developing a viewpoint from a specified source. Hotep means simply ‘to be a peace”.

This seems to be a contradiction, especially for Umar Johnson. How can someone be a “hotep”, yet disturb other people’s peace? How can someone be an Afrocentric but spread hate against people. A major African centred philosophy is Ubuntu. Which is to recognize the humanity in everybody, so to be a hotep is to recognize the humanity within everybody even Gay people. We can all be afrocentric, independent of all of our other identities.

Questions: Is this still a relevant debate? In what ways can we change the conversation to be more affirming to all people of African descent?

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  • Anthony Felder says:

    Is this question actually being debated? Are hoteps not inherently homophobic? Every stereotypical hotep I have come across is also not accepting of a wide range of sexualities and genders..

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