Empowered to Lead, Empowered To Lobby. By Taryn Gill, Spelman College

By February 26, 2020 Voices of Change No Comments

The NAACP lobbying day at Paul D. Coverdell Legislative Office building was empowering. Although a had to still attend classes, I did not let that discourage me and was eager to take part in the day-long event because I was refreshed of my purpose.

It is my duty to bring truth to power and speak about the injustices and inequity this world is burdened with. Despite the magnitude or depth of these social epidemics, we must be persistent and efficient in our efforts.  Although we elect representatives to fight on our behalf, elected officials still need our vibrant voices so they can sustainably serve us. Additionally, we must use our voices not only to communicate with the people who agree with us; we must also focus on talking to the ones that don’t. This was a great event that allowed for those opportunities.

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