Making Movies in the AUC, By Kayla Howard, Spelman College

Photo Cred: Campus Movie Fest Website

Campus Movie Fest, an exciting Film Festival came to the Atlanta University Center (AUC) last month. On February 4, they tasked our student bodies with creating a five minute movie in one week. They provided cameras, laptops, and microphones and we just had to provide the talent! Over 50 films were submitted at the end of the week and out of those, the judges had to choose the top 16 to debut at the premiere event on February 19, 2020. 

Though I was unable to attend, all of the submissions were posted on the Campus Movie Fest website and I watched many of them. It was an exciting opportunity to see the extraordinary talent that exists in the AUC and investigate the topics that interest my fellow students. Topics ranged from skateboarding all the way to mental health issues.

My favorite, however, was titled “Night on Brown Street” by Amaris Pleas-Buford. Not only was the production flawless, but it had a compelling and relevant plot line. It followed the life of a Morehouse student who is forced to live in his car due to financial strains placed on his family after his loan for school is denied. He struggles to maintain a normal life as a student, while dealing with these personal issues. This story is all too familiar to students in the AUC and sparked an important conversation about this often unspoken truth. Overall, Campus Movie Fest created a unique platform for students to have an artistic outlet and a voice on topics that are important to them. I am excited for similar opportunities to come to the AUC in the future!

What other programs would you like to see in the AUC in the future?

What was your favorite Campus Movie Fest film?

If you are interested in watching the submitted films, please find them at the link below:

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