My Experience at the World Affairs Council’s Black History Month Event, By Niya Theus, Clark Atlanta University

By February 26, 2020 Voices of Change No Comments

On February 19, 2020, the World Affairs Councils hosted an event called From Sit-Ins to Hashtags. The event began with mixing and mingling with people from all walks of life: professionals, advocates, and students. The event was hosted at the Civil Rights Center in cohesion with the theme of the discussion. It is also Black History Month, a month-long national observance that is both celebratory and degrading of African American culture.

Overall the audience caught my attention outside of the actual panel discussion. One guests in attendance was Mayor Ted Terry. Ted Terry is the mayor of one of the most diverse cities in Georgia, the City of Clarkston. However Ted Terry is a white man who runs a brown city.

With a title as alluring as from Sit-Ins to Hashtags one might assume that the audience would consist of black and brown faces seeking to learn and understand something new. However that was not the case. At the event there was a majority of white people in attendance which was interesting to me. It seems when there is a ”black centered event” from movies to panel discussions, there are more white people than black and brown people that show up. Why is that so? Do they seek to better understand the African American community or is it their way of making amends for their ancestors? How can we get more black and brown people to attend these events as well?

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