Political Watch: My Perspective on Elizabeth Warren’s Appeal to Black Women Voters, By Terria Davis, Clark Atlanta University

Have you been paying attention to the 2020 Presidential Election Campaign? Personally, I have not been keeping up with the elections like I should be, so this campaign speech was an enlightening experience for me. I learned that Warrens campaign focuses on African America women, and well women in particular, I will say this is a different approach to trying to reach the White House and she made some interesting points.

The speech began with a back story on why she chose to stay in Atlanta to give her speech, due to the rich history in political gain for African American in the United States. She then continued to tell us about the history behind women striving to receive their equal pay in America. It began with African American wash- border women, who had enough of getting less than minimum wage and instead of sitting down and taking it, they quit stating they had enough, and the white women soon followed. Soon after, all profession joined in the boycott, leaving the Supreme Court to make a law in 1883.

This law left the politicians to divide black and white’s in America, but that did not stop the fight for equal rights. I love that Warren is taking the time to do what America should have done years ago, that is given African American women their credit for being the leaders in this country. As the saying goes, “The most disrespected person in America is the black woman.” Without the strong leadership of Black women there would have not been fights for equal rights, back bones in the households, and some to lead the political fights.

Warren says, “Black History is American History” and its time we acknowledge that and give reparations because everything that black people stood up for helped poor white children to better their lives as well. I think Warren has a great campaign and makes some amazing points but as a black woman in America I must be a little suspicious of her motives on promoting such a stirring campaign. As a white woman in America I am trying to understand still why she is promoting black women so hard and what she is going to do besides giving reparations. That is a great thing to do but unless we are all put on the same playing field, economy wise nothing will change. Like she stated the wealth will still be in power, trying to make us fear each other, without any changes. I enjoyed all the speeches that touched the stage that night especially Congresswomen Iyana Presley and the working women that where brought on the stage to give a clear representation of what a working black woman in America is today.

What do you think? Do you feel like Elizabeth Warren’s focus on Black Women is a good political move? Do you see her an genuine? What should candidates do to speak to the African American audience?

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