Shhhmoney: A Political Economy… Literally. Aaliyah Price, Spelman College

Black Friday is credited at the largest shopping day of the year. Since it just passed, I figured now would be a good time to talk about that shhhhmoney! Money is an important topic in everything we do. It is the main subject of half the songs on the radio! But how much do we really know about the cost of money? It’s an area that many in this generation need to learn more about because it impacts so many aspects of our lives!

As many may or may not know politicians often are the reasons for the rise in the stock market. But for every up there is a down. What major politicians say or do in the media has an effect in the stock market as well. As an Economic major I tend to look at stocks VERY often. In fact, last week I was studying a few stocks in the economy and seen a major decline in the data.

Just about all of the countries that had stock/money invested into the US currency had red negative number, which simply means they were either pulling out of the market or losing money. With further research I found at that the impeachment talk against Donald Trump had to do with the big decline in the stock market. Due to Trump essentially being the “leader” of the US any and everything he does affects the stock markets in MAJOR ways.

However, if Trump does something that is beneficial/good to the betterment of people stocks and currency will increase some better than others. For example, in 2016 when the U.S presidential election was one of the biggest surprises in stock market history. The stocks surprisingly showed very strong gains for many companies during this time because of Trump. During the presidential election many companies and countries believed that Donald Trump had a higher business drive than hilar Clinton and it wanted many to start investing into US trades sooner than later. Due to the increase of investors into the stock market many companies and currencies made very profitable gains. Although there is may data behind the concept of the political world effecting the stock market some don’t believe it is true. So, I ask, do you REALLY believe that the actions of politicians effect the stark markets?

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  • Anthony Felder says:

    Politics in America are a capitalistic money machine! I feel like a political agenda has more to do with dollars than actual issues

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