Spotlight on John Legend By Rashad Kuku

By January 15, 2019 Voices of Change 3 Comments

John Legend at Microsoft Theater on September 9, 2018 in Los Angeles, California photo from CNN

Today, I want to shine a spotlight on the incomparable John Legend. John Legend is a singer, song writer, actor, and all around entertainer. He is also an activist. With every performance he does, it always leaves me in awe. In 2018, Legend became the first Black man to have an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony. He joins this exclusive “EGOT” club with people like Whoopi Goldberg and Robert Lopez.  This is a very huge deal. He is now opening doors for other young Black men to achieve the same thing.

John Legend is an inspiration, to so many young men including myself. I remember listening to his music and thinking my ten-year-old self could relate to his lyrics. He has made me want to be more active in my community, becoming a great role model for others. Not only is he a great musician, he is also an activist. Whether in his music or in his charitable works, he is always trying to uplift the black community.

Legend has spoken out on many important issues that we face including mass incarceration and our current political climate. Part of his activism is helping people become more aware of who is representing our communities. Publicly, John Legend has spoken out about sexual violence and supported the #MuteRKelly movement. He was the ONLY current musician to be part of the groundbreaking docu-series on Lifetime Surviving R. Kelly.

Additionally, he has supported Black Lives Matter (BLM), advocating that Black lives are a gift and everyone’s life should be treated the same. Legend made the news when he brought food to organizers and protesters to Ferguson, Missouri after an unarmed Mike Brown was killed. John Legend continues to break barriers, raise the bar, and redefine what it means to be a Black man in America. Today we shine a spotlight on Mr. John Legend.


  • Anthony Felder says:

    Yesss representation matters!

  • Alexandria says:

    I was surprised to see John Legend speak out on the Surviving R Kelly documentary. But glad at the same time. It just makes it even more clear that he is not just about the money but cares about the people. More musicians should have spoken out but he was the first and we can see many more have followed his lead.

  • Iman says:

    After reading this blog post and watching John Legend speak out during the R. Kelly Documentaries, I feel and understand that we should shed light on how he has used his voice as a way to shed light on controversial issues. From speaking out against Trump to highlighting current events, he is not only an amazing artist but continues to inspire other’s! I love this post.

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