The Change Podcast Episode #1 “One Wish, We Vote: Our Time

Welcome to “The Change” a podcast that gives college Change Agents an opportunity to express their voice! “The Change” is a platform created to ask and answer questions that are relevant to this generation of leaders! On “The Change,” a diverse range of topics are addressed; everything from civic engagement and racism, to LGBTQ identity and gentrification. The Change Podcast is sponsored by the Joseph and Evelyn Lowery Institute. Please download, rate, and subscribe. Thank you for tuning in!

Special Guest Tamieka Atkins, Executive Director of Pro Georgia, talks to Change Agents Jordan Barry and Anthony Felder about the valuable history of voting and voting rights in this country. Atkins also puts early voting and voter suppression into perspective; she explains why it is EXTREMELY important for young people and people of color in all eligible age groups to get out and vote, especially during this midterm election (November 6, 2018).

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