The Choice Is Yours By Anthony Felder (Poem)

This original poem was written by Change Agent and V.O.I.C.E. Site Leader Anthony Felder




This may be news to you…

You have a choice

A choice to be KING or FIEND

To pick up the rocks or the books

To chase dreams or materialistic things

Choose now, or be unconsciously hooked

Unconsciously took


Taken by the system

Mistaken as a slave to the institutional prison

Only to be reminiscing

That you

Had a Choice

On the lighter side, choice is dual

That means you can choose to break the bondage

Break the mold

Break the stereotype

Break the notion that since you enunciate your words that you talk white

Break the “I have to sag my pants to get my walk right”

Break being passive

Break being ignorant

Break being a bystander

Break being misogynistic

Break. Break. Break. Break.

& Young. Black. Boy.

You also have a choice to educate.

Through this you liberate.

Free your mind emancipate.

Spread your seed procreate.

Through your generations open up gates.

To build a new nation empty of hate.

Erasing the lasting impression of guilt and shame.

Upholding responsibility instead of shifting the blame.

Not worrying about you name, if it’s written in fame.

Only focused on servant leadership, instead of shallow gains.

Avoid being ego-centric.

Avoid thinking malicious.

Take HEED to all wisdom, allow it to become your riches.

Or not.

Young. Black. Boy.

You have a choice.


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