The Hacienda Horror: Sexual Abuse Against the Most Defenseless Patient By: Brianamarie Trice

By February 12, 2019 Voices of Change 3 Comments

“In special lives, we make a difference.”

This is the motto that an Arizona based healthcare facility champions as their most important principle. According to their website, Hacienda Healthcare provides services for over 2,550 people every year.

The same Phoenix facility in charge of preserving the lives of so many defenseless patients, turned out to be a horror house for one unsuspecting woman. Recently, after over a decade in a vegetative state, one Hacienda patient gave birth.

Like many, I read those words with pure shock and sadness. How is it that a woman in this condition can consent to sex? The answer, she absolutely COULD NOT. This entire situation begs questions about how we protect our most vulnerable members of society, even from those who are supposed to be there to help.

By no means should this pregnancy have gone undetected. Detailed in her medical records, one doctor indicated the patient had a firm belly. That’s it? Why weren’t further tests done? Instances like these provide little answer but leave many questions.

How you all feel about this topic. Please comment below and feel free to use these questions as a guide, or even ask your own:

How could this sexual assault have been prevented?

Should other families remove their loved ones from this facility, or is this just a one off?

What should happen regarding the child?


  • Rashad Kuku says:

    When I heard this story, I was devastated and shocked. This is beyond disgusting and sad. I can’t.

  • Iman says:

    Wow, I am just as shocked and sad as you are. I think the conversation around consent is one that needs to be had, especially because many may read this and not even see the actual issue. I agree, I believe she could not consent to sex and their needs to be a different protocol around this facility.

  • Ryan says:

    I totally agree it is sad to hear how many victims of those who do not consent to sex as it can lead to other inappropriate experience. I feel this assault could not be prevented considering that it was forced however, there should be a procedure to be put in place to get out of situations like that such as pepper spray or a move technique .I believe there needs to be a different system put in place around the facility to help protect ones who are vulnerable in these situations. The child should defiantly receive some sort of aid from the state also know victim compensation or to get aid from the facility on being treated unfairly.

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