Make America Great Again by Ri

Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, Cops Lives Matter Too.

I suppose everybody has the fear of walking out their room to meet their death.

Let’s not forget the young boy who left his home for a drink, and a snack.

Who shows us all that wearing a hoodie will put you in a casket.


How about the woman who was taken into a jail cell that most consider hell…,

But a strip or two of tape will continue to show that Orange is the new Black.

Good ole’ America where saying “I can’t breathe” is equivalent to “go ahead and kill me now.”

Where the reason a little girl can get a hot meal is because her daddy was slinging that plant…

So when daddy went to jail, he gave his little girl a secret stash.

Now she has a college fund with no father, but of course the Man said “I’ll take that”.

He now legally makes a profit, while men and women continue to rot.

BUT don’t complain cause then you’re just begging for a hand-out, still… here’s some paper-towels to wipe that hurricane right on up.

It’s forbidden to have even a little bit of fun here, cause by the time that final note hits on your favorite song, you’ll be drowning in your sister’s blood.

BUT! Don’t confuse the man that killed so many, he’s just a kind old white man, while the straight-A girl who stole a wallet to eat is nothing more than a tramp who should rot in hell…I mean jail…

Feel free to pick a war here, you’ll never fight your own.

We’ve got so many troops here, who cares if they go home.

Be wary of your walks at night, this IS the land of the free.

That tree you walk past every night was just the hanging tree just last week.

Keep this secret of America: Slavery has yet to cease. It serves your burgers, and bags your groceries. What a great place to be!


Welcome to the land of opportunity, America is great again, jump up and down with glee! Remember, this is what you signed up for, you even voted for me.


-A “Slave of America” named Ri



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