What is Campus Carry? by Nathaniel Green

Campus Carry is the ability to have possession of a firearm on a college or university campus. That sounds simple, but the issue is more complex than that. Who determines if students and faculty can have firearms on campus or not? This decision has been left to the states to decide. The states have three levels in which they examine this law: mandatory, institutional, or non-permissive. On the mandatory level, the state requires that every publicly funded college or university must allow firearms on their campus. There are only 10 states that are on the mandatory level. On the institutional level, the state allows the institution to make the decision to allow firearms on their campus. There are 21 states who allow the college or university to determine whether to allow firearms on their campus. On the non-permissive level, the state does not allow any firearms on campus. This applies to 19 of the states. The state of Georgia is the state that allows firearms on campus. Also, this law only applies to PUBLIC institutions. This means Morehouse, Clark Atlanta University and Spelman do not have to abide by this law. There is a clear divide about how guns on college campuses should be handled.

This issue has caused a lot of controversy. Should college students be allowed to have firearms? Is the answer more guns? Is the issue bigger than just guns on college campuses? These are some of the questions that a lot of people may be asking. College students should not be allowed to have guns on college campuses. The answer is not more guns. Yes, the issue is bigger than just guns on college campuses. This is an issue of gun control and politics at its best. Hopefully this does not happen, but once another mass shooting happens on a college campus; politician will immediately use this law as the issue. It is sad that more guns seem to be the only resort to protect college campuses. Gun control has been an issue in this country since the 2nd Amendment has been incorporated. This does not protect more American citizens, but it puts more Americans at risk of being killed because there are more guns on the street. Politicians should stop making decisions for people like, college students, and include them in the decision-making process.

I understand many people have not even heard of the “Campus Carry Act” and I hope this post informed you about it. This is not to say that the law is a bad idea, but it was used to make a political statement about Gun Control. Campus Carry is an important law that every college student should be aware of no matter your political affiliation. Safety should be the number priority not more guns.


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