Competition or Unity by Charles Brown

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On February 25, 2017, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) held its convention. The convention was held in order to elect, among others, a new Democratic National Committee Chair. Tom Perez, one of the candidates, won the election. Perez became the DNC Chair. The convention was also held to unite the Democratic Party, and for the party to prepare for the next elections to win seats in Congress. The concern at hand is whether the Democratic Party is trying to unite and work to build a better America, or is the party just trying to beat the Republican Party and take over the majority in Congress?

Furthermore, for too long, both parties have battled against each other to gain the majority in the House and Senate. Each party knows that it has the advantage if it has the majority. The party holding majority follows its own agenda. As a result, the majority party disregards the other party and that party’s agenda. While the Democratic Party’s goal is to become closer, the true goal of the party seemed to truly become the majority party. Was the convention about unity or competing with the Republican Party?

Moreover, if the Democratic Party’s goal is to become the majority party and battle the Republican Party, then the Democratic Party still has a long way to go. The Democratic Party should have changed its focus slightly. Instead of trying to be majority party, the Democratic Party should focus on working with the Republican Party. Congress will only work if both parties can work together on the issues, make compromises when necessary, and have a set agenda of the goals of both parties. At the DNC, competition with the Republican Party seemed to be emphasized a little more than unity. Again, if the goal is to do better and unify the country, then it will take a unified Congress. If the goal of the Democratic Party is to unify the party, then its focus should also be to find out different ways that it can work with the Republican Party. When both parties unite and work together, then the necessary work can take place to truly make America Great Again!

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