Dear 2017 – By Sharece Naomi Thomas

By January 3, 2017 voices 2 Comments

Dear 2017,

On the front end, I would ask you to make up for 2016. However, you weren’t there. You had no control over the series of unfortunate events; and you, like we, could have never saw it coming. I know a lot of people are pressuring you to be the best year yet, and I am surely not much different; but, if you desire, please hear my plea:

  1. Teach me how to understand. If I understand more of the why’s that caused disappointments in 2016, I may not be so blindly hopeful this time around.
  2. Teach me how to be patient. While it is no fault of my own that I am a semi-traditional millennial, I know that time is not mines to control. Lead me in the way of moving slower, being more considerate of other peoples time, having a healthy relationship with my time, and preparing for what is to come. Let me not expect greatness to manifest in 30 seconds or less, taking what I need from it, and not truly wanting to give what is necessary to have and keep whatever great thing I have been impatiently waiting for.
  3. Prepare me to be a sanctuary. Something tells me you will be a good year for people, but the good will come from a lot of pain and uncomfortable choices. People will need hope because they won’t be able to see their way through. They will need to have peace. People will need somewhere to go that won’t judge them, won’t display their circumstances to all on a Sunday morning, or won’t give them counsel based on a personal interest. Prepare me to be whole within myself so I can speak words that make people better. Make me compassionate, graceful, and trusting for those in need. Last but not least:
  4. Be good to us. 2016 did not feel like a good year. Lots of disappointments. Lots of pain. A lot of broken dreams and nightmares come true. Just be good to us. Give us new reasons to believe again.

In closing, I know it sounds like a lot to ask, but if we are to be the change we wish to see, we will need some help. 2017, thank you in advance.

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  • Cassandra Coleman says:

    Your article is an outstanding view point of the times we are living today. As a baby boomer your millennial message certainly crossed the barriers of all generations and speaks to the masses.

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