Golden Roots by Ri

Golden Roots

It drips heavily from the roots of her hair follicles cascading down her smooth skin. Her lips slightly open hoping to catch a simple drop.

She walks with an elegance like no other with skin as dark as the eldest tree in the forest, roots so entwined even lightening wouldn’t dare strike.

When she speaks it’s as if honey is flowing directly from her mouth into the ears of those intelligent enough to listen.

Her words reach their souls and place crowns upon those heads that are now held high because of HER. She speaks with an authority that those around ease drop hoping to catch some of the power that derives from her words.

She can blind any man OR woman as she walks across the street with a smile so bright the sun can’t help but want to bow down.

SHE manages to handle your problems, his problems, and even her own with the lightest of ease. Not only does she mentally fulfill you, SHE can cook a feast so big that your brothers will beg to eat.

And she will feed them, because even though she has no wings, this Angel has a heart. One so golden you’d think King Midas touched it and decided to leave it there just for HER.

Even on her worst days she will wear her crown and smile with pride, and her skin will just…shine. She glows inside and out, and one can’t help but wonder how she does it.

Well, here’s a little hint since the riddle is so hard. She was born with it. Raised to believe she had it, and never allowed to forget it. So…what exactly is…IT? It’s actually, quite simple: It’s called Black Girl Magic.

-An Unapologetic Black Woman Named Ri

“Head Up, Crown Higher”

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