Reflections On Day 7 of The Trump Administration by Justice Puryear

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January 20, 2017 is a date that will forever be remembered in U.S. history. On that day, the lives of millions of Americans changed for the unknown. While many citizens cheered and celebrated the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, others rioted and protested out in the streets in cities across the country. Despite the battles that have occurred in this country to fight for equality, we saw the country show its true colors concerning race, sexuality, education, and gender. The 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, has shown his feelings towards anyone that doesn’t look like him, share his beliefs, and/or his economic stature. Yet, we have this man as our President.

During the race for presidency, we saw how Americans were at constant debates on who would be a better candidate: Hillary Clinton, a white woman with plenty of political experience but a shady past, or Donald J. Trump, a white male with plenty of money with white supremacy ideals. Although both candidates were of the same race, it came down to gender for the country to choose from. On November 8, 2016, the country witnessed the Electoral College make the decision that Donald J. Trump would be President of the United States. Fear immediately washed over many people. The following day was depressing. The air was thick. Student and Facilitators didn’t attend school to recollect their thoughts, offices were silent, and stores were empty. It was shocking to see the Electoral College vote for Donald J. Trump, when we witnessed Hillary Clinton win the popular vote.

Since being in office President Donald J. Trump has made the executive decision to create policies concerning trade, immigration and oil in this country. Politicians everywhere are taking a stand against President Donald J. Trump. Taking their time to thoroughly look at the background of those trying to be sworn into Trump’s cabinet. States such as California and New York are assuring their citizens will be safe and protected, despite any and all plans President Donald J. Trump has to build a wall separating Mexico and the U.S, and creating strict immigration laws.

Being a black woman in this country today, I am afraid. Afraid that the white supremacy that is running this country will result in many more black bodies laying on the concrete or in prison than attending college. Afraid that one day I will get a call from my mother about any of my younger siblings going to jail, being beaten or killed. Afraid I will not be able to afford a college education. Afraid that I could be the next trending hash tag on Twitter and Instagram. Although my fear is on my mind, I must do what I can to live and enjoy my life. Donald J. Trump being President may be a let down for me, but this is a wake up call for me to pay more attention to policies and laws being passed during his 4-year term. Screaming that this man is not my president doesn’t solve the issue. Marching and protesting without a solution doesn’t solve the issue. Actually helping others, going out into the community, being a change agent and coming up with a solution to the problem will help.

Justice Puryear

Clark Atlanta University


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